Tuesday Morning Memo: December 19

I. Thought for the Day:

  • Even though Carlos Santana is speaking about Music, we can apply this to the artistry that we bring in the classroom as Educators. (Incidentally, I saw Carlos Santana perform in Maryland back in the Summer of 1992 and the concert was nothing short of inspirational.)
  • How do you teach from the heart?
  • Let’s Bring the Fire to our classes and inspire possibilities for our students!


II. Praise and Thanks for Making It Happen:

  • Thanks to “Jacket Claus” for the beautiful #CelebrateMonday Holiday Gift Countdown!
  • Thanks to Natalie Akashambatwa for inspiring our students with a special service visit to the Grace Methodist Church Soup Kitchen this past Sunday! I appreciate the efforts given to empower students with leadership and service.
  • Thanks to Kristyn Daney for bringing the fire with Math Instruction! I appreciate the efforts to motivate our students with a strong finish.
  •  Thanks to Judy Richards for bringing the fire with her stirring reminders of expectations to all of the 8th Grade Students this past Friday!
  • Thanks to Courtney Woodberry for implementing one of the ideas from the Jennifer Gonzalez Blog Post shared earlier this week! Students participated in the Hot Seat Activity! I appreciate the proactive efforts to fill classroom time with meaningful activities.

III. Today’s Events:

  • “A” Day
  • 7th Grade Chorus Trip
  • 1st Period: HPLC Social Studies 7
  • 5th Period: HPLC Science 7
  • 4:00 p.m.-LMS SIT Meeting
  • Mrs. Peoples’ 6th Grade Social Studies Students Present The Living Roman Empire Museum Today!

IV. Reminders and Updates:

A. In Case You Missed It:

  • Here’s the blog post by Jennifer Gonzalez filled with classroom ideas for these days leading up to Winter Break.
  • Click HERE for the post.

B. “Make Your Own Snow”

  •  Education Author and Publisher Dave Burgess provides inspiring words of wisdom for educators in his most recent blog post.
  • Look for the nod to #CelebrateMonday and other ideas in this post.
  • Click HERE for the post.

C. Supervision Reminder:

  • Please be visible and present for class change in the hallways and stairwells.
  • I have noticed that some of you are keeping your students waiting in the hallway in line a little too long in between classes. This is causing traffic and does lead to some disruption. Please make sure to be at your door greeting and gathering students as they enter the room.

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