LMS Weekly Memo: January 14-18

Remember Our Schoolwide Goals

  • Blue

  • 50

  • Exit

How Will You Add to Our LMS School Vision of “Inspiring a Limitless Future for All Students” this week? 


I. Thought for the Week:

  • As I reflect on the events from Friday, I am going back to the wisdom of my father.
  • I share this with you again as my father shares this with me daily.

Dare to be great.

II. Praise and Thanks for Making It Happen:

  • First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for sharing in the surprise honor on Friday. I did not see this coming and I appreciate your flexibility with the impromptu event. I am thankful for all of you and I am truly grateful to serve you as principal! Special thanks to Nicole Piggott for her Academy Award-winning performance of getting me out of the building for an extended period of time. I am also grateful to Nicole for reaching out to my family and my mentor to attend. Thanks to Celia Gossett for reaching out to my old admin team from Wiley! Thanks to Sylvester Hairston, Shannon Watkins and Jeff Welch for moving mountains daily especially with the mobilization on Friday! I had no idea!
  • Thanks to Joan Makerson and Cindy Shoaf for beautiful collaboration with integrating “Storyboard That” in the classroom! I saw students of all kinds of levels engaged, creative and focused! It was a joyous scene. Learning should be a joyful occasion and these two educators definitely made it happen!

III. This Week’s Events:

  • Make sure you see Sylvester Hairston’s two emails on the testing schedule. Attachments are embedded there for a detailed schedule of each day. Both of these emails were sent this past Saturday afternoon.

Monday, January 14

  • “B” Day
  • Social Studies Benchmark Test
  • Basketball HOME vs. North Davidson

Tuesday, January 15

  • “A” Day
  • Science Benchmark Test
  • Wrestling HOME vs. South Davie

Wednesday, January 16

  • “B” Day
  • English Language Arts Benchmark Test
  • Basketball Make-Up Game HOME vs. Thomasville

Thursday, January 17

  • “A” Day
  • Math Benchmark Test
  • Basketball HOME vs. Ledford

Friday, January 18

  • “B” Day
  • Benchmark Test Make-Ups
  • 2nd Quarter Ends Today
  • All Grades Due to Jennifer Brunck by 5:00 p.m. Today!

IV. Reminders and Updates:

A. Benchmarks This Week:

  • Please be sure to consult the important emails from Shannon Watkins and Sylvester Hairston on this.
  • We will need all hands on deck this week.
  • Also, remember to demonstrate positivity and support for our kids during these important assessments.

B. Grades Due This Friday

  • Remember to have all grades completed and uploaded to PowerSchool by this Friday at 5:00 p.m.

C. Getting Grading Ducks In a Row

  • Please be sure that you have a complete, fair and accurate portrait for the grades you are recording.
  • Be prepared for any questions from parents/guardians as we near the end of the grading period.
  • Fairness and accuracy in providing grades stand as a reflection on our professionalism.

D. PLC Update

  • Due to benchmark testing and the grading deadline, we will not have PLCs this week.
  • PLCs will resume on Wednesday, January 23. That will be the last grade level PLC.
  • PLCs will shift to subject area and you will only have one PLC per week starting the week of January 28.
  • Subject Area PLCs will take place during 2nd, 5th and 6th Planning Periods.
    • Math PLC: Mondays
    • ELA PLC: Tuesdays
    • Science PLC: Wednesdays
    • Social Studies PLC: Thursdays

E. Faculty Book Study: Need Your Ideas and Feedback!

  • I would like to facilitate a small faculty book study for anyone who is interested in participating. The purpose is to have a fun, creative and engaging book study meant for professional growth.
  • Right now, I am looking for book title ideas.
  • If you have any ideas, then please let me know. Thanks!
  • Please add your idea to this document. I would love to hear from you. Click HERE.

F. #CelebrateMonday Shoutouts:

  • Please join in the #CelebrateMonday fun!
  • I would like for you to help me in sharing shoutouts for #CelebrateMonday during morning announcements.
  • Complete the form before 8:00 a.m. by every Monday and I will read your shoutout over the loudspeaker in honor of #CelebrateMonday.
  • Click the Google Form to complete a shoutout: https://goo.gl/forms/HKa63EFql1TQCdjl1

G. Looking for Free PD?

  • Check out the Arts Integration and STEAM Submit from Susan Riley of Education Closet!
  • I was fortunate to collaborate with Susan during my Wiley Principal Days and her content is always quality.
  • The online summit is FREE!
  • Check out the link here for more details: Click HERE.

H. An Interesting Read!

  • Check out this cool blog post from educator and author, A.J. Juliani.
  • Click HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 9.18.17 PM


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